Strange Happenings

WET 2004

The other day I was cooling down from a run when I heard a familiar honk from overhead. Turning to look, I was in time to see a large V of Canada geese fly overhead, honking, towards the west. It was a sizeable flock, maybe a dozen large birds flying low over the parking lot.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, where Canada geese are common to the point of being a nuisance, I’ve seen a lot of Canada geese migrating south in V-formation. I typically associate it with late autumn and with Thanksgiving and with gray skies and even gray-er landscapes. So I was astonished to see them in California in July. I wondered where they came from and where they were going and why they should fly so low and at such a strange time of the year. But I didn’t wonder long: they quickly flew out of sight and I didn’t see them again.

On an unrelated note:

Today, the cat knocked over the living room lamp: an occurrence that has happened on several swear-inducing occasions before now. The lamp in question is fitted with a paper shade that was purchased at a thrift shop- perfect for the style of the base and impossible to replace. Numerously cracked and oft repaired with clear packing tape, I’ve coddled that lamp-shade through five or six calamitous cat-related falls, but today it finally tore free from the metal harp.

I thought that if I could find a similar color of paper that I could repair the torn seams with a bit of clever paper-mâché. Searching through my collection of stationary and scrap-booking paper I found any number of decorative alternatives, but nothing the right color. Instead, I stumbled upon a box of high-quality resume paper that I’d forgotten that I even had. Opening it, I discovered a trove of old mementos from my wedding that I’d packed away and forgotten about: hand made greeting cards, the silk sash from my bouquet, a drawing from one of the nieces (although it wasn’t signed so now I can’t remember which one drew it), and a stack of favorite wedding cards. I must have packed it when I left my job in Chicago and then forgotten about it in the move across the country. And all this time it has been sitting in the closet.

In the end, I repaired the lamp with gaffer’s tape reasoning that if I repaired it with something that had a fabric weave that it might survive the next fall a bit better. In an attempt to make this repair job look like a design choice instead of a redneck-repair I ran a line of tape around the bottom rim of the shade as well. I’m not sure that it is fooling anyone, though.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 18, 2016.

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