Day Done

Don't stop me now- I'm on fire!

Don’t stop me now- I’m on fire!

Every first day reminds me of the first day of school. Today was the first day of temping. I was more than a little bit nervous: maybe disproportionately so, considering that I was filling in as a receptionist and would only be answering phones and handling deliveries/pickups. But then I have a disproportionate amount of discomfort with phones in general. I worried that the phone system would be too complex to get the hang of or that the phone volume would be more than I could handle or that I would have to wear a dreaded headset, but none of these turned out to be the case. The office manager was able to give me a rundown of the duties in about fifteen minutes and the rest of the day was long stretches of unstructured time punctuated with adrenaline every time the phone rang. I think I did OK, though. By noon I’d attempted everything that I’d been given instructions for (transferring a call, transferring straight to voicemail, paging the office, etc.) By mid-afternoon my stomach started to un-clench.

One day done. Three to go.

In spite of my gnawing worries, the unstructured down-time turned out to be a silver lining:

“It might be quiet in between calls.” The office manager told me. “You can bring a book if you want.”

I had brought a book, but didn’t think that reading on the job looked very diligent. The temp instructions were very explicit about NEVER using computers for PERSONAL USE, so I wasn’t planning to do anything that involved going online. Instead, I brought a notebook figuring that I could always sit and write- it made me look like I was using the time productively, but was easy to pick up and put down whenever my attention needed to be somewhere else.

So I did.

Whether it was the nerves or a sudden attack of the Muses, I ended up drafting out fourteen pages. So I guess that made up for all of yesterday’s transcribing. If only every day could be so productive.  I suppose that I have three more days to find out.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 27, 2016.

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