Blue Sky, Sorta

It's just an illusion...

It’s just an illusion…

When lunch time came, I went outside to get some fresh air. Another lady in the office had clued me in to the fact that there were picnic tables around the side of the building in an area that was shaded, and that sounded perfect to me. This table area turned out to be in a wide pedestrian alley between two buildings. One side was lined with planters filled with trees and the tables themselves were set far enough back from the street to be sheltered from the noise; all in all, quite pleasant. I made myself at home.

After reading for about twenty minutes, I looked up at the sky to give my eyes a rest. From where I was sitting I could see a wide ribbon of sky directly overhead. It should have been blue, but it looked colorless and white to me. I wondered if it had become overcast and looked down to the mouth of the alley and the street beyond where passing traffic was bathed in brilliant, direct sunlight. There, the sky was clearly blue. Overhead, it was just as clearly white.

I wondered why I had never noticed this kind of  thing before. I always assumed that if I stared upward at a clear blue sky that it would look like a clear blue sky no matter whether I was in the sun or the shade, but clearly there is more to it than that. I wondered if it was the warmth of the sunlight on other objects that made the sky look blue, (LOL- I literally just typed “bloo”. It’s been a long week) or whether it would look blue if there actually were white clouds overhead as well to compare it to. I wondered what other ways my eyes were fooling me.

So this was the kind of thing that was running through my head all day. I feel like I finished out the week strong: the temp work seemed to go over well and I made progress on writing every single day. (The quality of this writing remains to be seen- I feel pretty wrung out from the sheer volume of it, but I’m still quite enthusiastic.) I’m most of the way through another library book: “Left Brain, Right Thinking” by Phil Rosenzweig which is all about decision-making factors. I’ve found it quite interesting, but want to finish it before I comment on it. All in all, good progress all around.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 29, 2016.

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