In continuation of our Sunday ritual, we went out looking at more houses. The options were good, but it is hard to get excited about any of them anymore- if we really fall in love with one and it falls through it takes twice as much effort to go looking again.

So July did not turn out to be quite as productive as I’d hoped. I got some temp work, but not a job. I made progress on some of my film projects but didn’t finish. We applied for houses but haven’t been accepted for any of them. The future seems just as uncertain now as it did a month ago, but now is one month closer. At least I got some writing done.

On the plus side: I did do a good job with my goal of not leaving dirty dishes in the sink before going to bed: didn’t miss a single day. With luck I’ll be able to carry it over into August and make a real habit out of it. I also read quite a few books, which feels good. Tomorrow I’ll re-evaluate my progress and make up some new goals for August. It’s hard to believe that the summer is coming towards a close already. Classes will be starting up again next month and I won’t be going back to them. It took three years to get back into the rhythm of academia, but now it feels strange to be out of it again.

So today was a low key day. Looked at houses. Took a nap. Went for a run. I’ve been running faster lately, although it is hard to tell if it is from an increased level of fitness or an increased level of stress that is causing me to put on this burst of speed. I certainly haven’t lost any weight, which is frustrating, but I can’t seem to muster up the motivation to make any changes to my eating habits. I’ve compartmentalized body image into a tidy container labeled “too much effort to think about” and replaced my mental image of myself with the body of Sophia Vergara. This is a body that must be constantly disguised with long pants and sweaters lest the collective beauty of two such figures in close physical proximity of the Greater Los Angeles area cause a gravitational warping of space and time. My motives are purely selfless. You’re welcome.

So that’s my life as of right now. I’ll be interested to see what tomorrow brings.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 31, 2016.

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