Caffeine and Horoscopes

Also, Dear Caffeine- haven't you ever heard of "i before e except after c"? You suck at spelling.

Also, Dear Caffeine- You suck at spelling:  haven’t you ever heard of “i before e except after c”?

It sure feels good to start the month with a solid day of work. Now all I need to do is figure out what to do with the next thirty days. It’s OK: I’ve made myself a list. Sadly, most of the things on the list are things left over from last month’s list, which is the to-do list equivalent of having a refrigerator full of leftovers. You still gotta get through ’em, but now you gotta get creative about motivating yourself to deal with them. Hot sauce usually works on kitchen leftovers. I have yet to try it on a to do list.

So, first temp assignment completed! Yay! I faced a ringing phone and was not defeated! (It’s a real fear. Go ahead and laugh, I’ll chortle heartily when you yelp at a spider.) It was a great first gig and with luck will lead to bigger and better things. I’m getting along on caffeine and horoscopes at the moment, which is like having hope but more entertaining. Horoscope says it’s going to be a bumper month for making money and darn tootin’ I choose to believe it. Come on, money, get in my pocket!

I realized a while ago that I use the phrase “I choose to believe” a lot. Most people just say “I believe”, why do I have to be special with all this choosing business? And does it still count as a belief if I’ve decided to believe it? Isn’t belief supposed to just be true no matter what you think about it? Then again, belief really isn’t the same thing as truth, is it? Truth is a knowable idea. A belief is a choice about the unknowable. It is true that we all die. It is believed that there is something after death. Not to go to the darkest possible example, or anything.

So why not choose your beliefs? Isn’t is wise to curate your attitudes towards the unknowable? Isn’t it a good idea to think about what you believe and why and to commit to those beliefs by choice? I certainly choose to believe so.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 1, 2016.

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  1. I used to think–or was taught to think–beliefs were things grownups passed onto us kids. Beliefs were solely something you heard about and practiced in church and school, because school was tied to church. It took reaching my late teens to realize beliefs come from within each of us. When we hear that voice and feel strongly about something, that feeling becomes our belief. Beliefs are tested like metal. They have to face fire and bullets to see how strong they can be. Dark forces laugh, taunt and protest beliefs until they are proven too strong to break with such tactics.

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