Mindless Work

Sometime around three in the morning I woke up hot and frustrated. I got out of bed and got a glass of water and an ice pack and spent the next four hours trying and failing to sleep again. After seeing the Curmudgeonly Lion out the door I went back to bed to try to sleep some more- and I must have slept because I dreamed, but considering that the entire dream was spent struggling to run after someone it didn’t end up being terribly restful. In the dream, each step I took would start out with great momentum and become progressively more difficult to move with every step until I was forced to a standstill- at which point I would try again with great momentum only to be ground to a standstill. Frustrating.

The lease agreement paperwork came through, although we still haven’t signed it due to some small but important adjustments that need to be made, but that seemed like a reasonable sign that it was a good time to begin packing. I elected to begin with books. We own a lot of books, but it seemed unlikely that we would be needing them between now and the time we move. And it would be a big, visible, sign of progress for me.

After books came the task of sorting through the closet and deciding what was worth keeping and what was ready for Goodwill. There was quite a lot for Goodwill. So that felt like a big step forward as well.

I packed until I ran out of boxes and then I went for a run- much easier than yesterday’s run and much less frustrating than the running that I struggled with in my dreams. I tried to close in my world for a while and not think about anything, although admittedly it feels like I haven’t been thinking much all day. This week has been much more convoluted and confusing than I’d hoped at the beginning, but progress still seems to be happening, slowly but surely. With luck I’ll be able to finish it out strong tomorrow.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 4, 2016.

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