Also I want one of these.

Also I want one of these.

I didn’t sit down to write yesterday. I spent the day packing and cleaning and in the evening I sat and watched all eighteen hours of the Olympics Opening Ceremony broughttoyoubyCocacolaToyotaGEanddoesntRioseemlikeagreatplaceforavactionrightaboutnow? There were a lot of commercials. In retrospect we should’ve just recorded it and watched it today at a decent hour and fast forwarded through all the commercial breaks and probably a few entrances of a few countries. There’s only so many variation on a blazer and slacks after all. Team USA¬†broughttoyoubyRalphLaurenandneveryouforgetit! As Bean observed, the teams were either “Designer” (blazer and slacks/skirts), “Sporty” (Track suit- because, you know, athletes) or “Traditional” (self explanatory). Except for Tonga, of course, which opted for coconut oil and won the Internet.

Staying up past my bedtime turned out to be a blessing in disguise since I did manage to sleep through the night for a change. I woke up at a reasonable approximation of dawn without finding myself drenched in sweat or recovering from frustrating dreams. The relief was palpable. My folks called to chat during breakfast, which was pleasant except that I kept losing the connection and had to keep calling them back. The rest of the day was spent continuing with the packing. I made moderate progress, but found myself flitting from room to room without much direction- loading a box here and a box there but not really finishing any one task.

Late in the afternoon, the revised lease agreement came. We signed it and sent it back. Now it is just a matter of writing the check and we are officially set to move. This is a relief since all of my packing efforts have been taking place under the hanging sword of “what if something goes wrong last minute?” This feels like a step towards officially moving.

And of course, what is a day without a run? I made it out at sundown and let my mind stop chasing itself for a while. Afterwards, I stood under the palm trees and wondered what it must be like to be a tree and to never move in your entire lifetime; to spend your entire existence with the same view? Is life boring as a tree? Do trees have the capacity to be bored? Do trees think? What is it to be alive and not to think? Surely there must be some kind of awareness- different from humans, of course, but aware of the weather and the changing seasons. Perhaps the no-mind meditative state that humans struggle to reach is the natural state of a tree. That must be nice. I tried to achieve this state, but was interrupted by a tenant who wanted to park in the fire lane where I was standing. Because humans suck like that sometimes.

So that was my day.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 6, 2016.

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