Taking Measure

Nothing says "Home Sweet Home" like pink stucco.

Nothing says “Home Sweet Home” like pink stucco.

From the street, the house is extremely humble looking. The front facade consists of the flat, pink stucco wall of a garage and a corrugated car port. The lawn is brown and shaggy. Much of this is hidden behind one, feral and flowering tree that grows between the sidewalk and the road.

But it is going to be home, and I love it.

Surprise! It's actually charming.

Surprise! It’s actually charming.

Inside, the house is airy and bright, 1950’s vintage, but reasonably well updated for the modern world. There is a gas fireplace and central air. The public rooms have laminate flooring, the bedrooms are carpeted. There is a side patio complete with hummingbirds. The landlady lives next door and seems neighborly (she brought over Icy Hot spray for the Curmudgeonly Lion who put out his back in a bad way while loading boxes.) We dropped off our deposit and first month’s rent and got our first set of keys. We then proceeded to take measurements of all the rooms and diagram a layout so that we can begin planning our move.

It is clear that the first step is going to be Clean All The Things. It’s not that the place is dirty, it just hasn’t been lived in for a while. There were a few insects here and there and a scattering of some kind of droppings that probably indicate some creature that should be dealt with before we move all of our personal belongings into the space. Now seems like the time to do the cleaning while there is nothing to clean around. A wipe-down of the surfaces. Replacing all the tack paper in the cupboards. Hanging curtains. A general tidying up and preparing. Much of this will probably fall to me, since I’ll have time free during the daytime to work on it, but it’s the kind of thing that helps me adapt to a new space anyway, so it is probably good and will give me a chance to get to feel at home.

Afterwards, we drove around the area trying to get to know the basics- where is the grocery store, what are the likely running routes (turns out there’s a bike path- FTW!), how far to the mall, etc. It was good to start to get to know the area and find some familiar touchpoints nearby. The move still feels pretty intimidating, but at least we have some of the details now. And a signed lease. And keys.

The next step of life begins.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 7, 2016.

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  1. Great news!

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