Wall to Wall

Yesterday was so wall to wall with activity that only thing I managed to write about was a trip to the grocery store. Granted, it was one of the higher pressure parts of the day in terms of time constraints and logistics, but still only a part of the day. 

After spending three days packing, I decided it was time to take another load up to the new house. We’d gotten confirmation that an exterminator had made it out and our living room was so full of boxes we were beginning to block the television… A sure sign that something needs to change. So I made the trek. It is quickly becoming apparent that the commute makes this a one-trip-per-day kind of moving. I spent much more time in the car than I did at the house, although I did manage to clean one whole room from top to bottom. The smallest bedroom, but still, one whole room. 

I began to put a little elbow grease into the kitchen. I began by pulling up the tack paper in the cupboards- in some places four layers deep. In some previous tenancy, someone had used some kind of rubber matting that had bonded to the wood of the shelves in a pattern of rings where mugs and plates had been. A vigorous scrubbing with both a sponge and magic eraser failed to remove this, so I retreated to easier cleaning and resolved to but a vat of Goo Gone before my next attempt. 

I’m remembering my deep frustration with tack paper. For my money it is worth the effort to put it in before filling the cupboards, but what an effort! The dimensions are never big enough which means piecing together a series of patches to cover a shelf. And when the piece  is big enough, it is nearly impossible to get the edges straight and the surface flat. And of course this is all being done in the confines of a cupboard or a closet or a drawer, sometimes on a ladder and sometimes on hands and knees. And always with much swearing. 

I don’t look forward to doing it, but I look forward to having it done.

The other part of my day yesterday was going to see a preview screening of “Sausage Party” which was just as obnoxious and dirty as promised, but I had a good time watching it and the Curmudgeonly Lion is already keen to own the DVD. Now every time I walk into a grocery store I can’t help but think of it. I can’t wait to hear the outrage from inattentive parents who bring their kids to see it. The opening number sets the adult tone pretty clearly, you know, just in case the GIANT “Rated R” announcements fail. Which they will. That’s the best and worst part- there are still parents who will bring their kids to see it. And then be outraged. 

So that was yesterday. Today I’m on set (YAY!) doing craft services and catering: not the most glamorous role, but important. It feels SO strange to only be responsible for food instead of for the whole set. Nice, but strange. 

So I’m sure I’ll have more to write about tomorrow, but that’ll be all for now. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 12, 2016.

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