Set Sore

I always forget how sore I am after the first day on set. It doesn’t seem to matter how much working out I do beforehand or what it is that I’m actually doing on set- I’m always achy the day after. Today it is my quads. I know why, too- it wasn’t because I was lifting or going up stairs all day: it was because I did some squats to try to keep warm in the evening while I was watching equipment. I didn’t think to bring a sweater and as the sun set it got colder and colder with the damp ocean breeze blowing in from the marina. Since I’d committed to watching the equipment I didn’t want to go inside just to warm up and a part of me wanted to prove that I haven’t lost my Midwestern cold tolerance ( spoiler: I have) so I did squats instead to try to get some muscles burning. And it worked, but now I’m sore. 

Today’s set has been much more manageable. There’s a whole kitchen area where I’m set up and I don’t need tip schlep things to a second location in the afternoon. I even got to pull the van right inside the building in a loading dock to unload. So much nicer. 

I’m learning that craft services for a low budget shoot is a battle of accumulation: the goal is to hold onto all the little leftover pieces from each shoot: sugar packets, unused plastic forks, serving spoons, aluminum pans, etc. It’s not that you need a lot of anything but you need a little of everything: one person wants sugar, another person wants honey. One person wants ice tea from a sweetened packet, someone else wants hot tea from a teabag. Etc. Gum. Mints. Straws. Bandaids. 

Anyway, it’s good experience. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 13, 2016.

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