Dust and Sun



It was nearly noon before I got around to loading the van, so I went ahead and hosed myself down with sunscreen before doing anything else. I wonder what it is like to not spend every moment in direct sunlight mentally counting down until the burn. I really do. What is it like to just go outside, no matter the weather, no matter that cover? To wear sleeveless shirts? To lie out on a beach or beside a pool? I’m told that the payoff will be that my sun-protected skin will look younger longer. I’m just vain enough to hope it is true, but goddamn, it’s a lot of work.

My approach to moving-house has shifted slightly: now that the house is clean I’m starting to bring up the smaller furniture pieces and put them directly into the rooms they will occupy instead of just bringing up boxes and storing everything in the workshop. This has two advantages: first that it allows me to see progress as the apartment empties out and second that it allows me to see progress as the house fills up. I’m no longer just packing in the apartment, I’m now also unpacking at the house. So maybe I’m starting to get a little perspective.

I’m also getting a sense of just how much dust has accumulated behind some of these furniture pieces that haven’t moved in the entire time we’ve lived here. While removing the upper half of a hutch, I accidentally lowered it past a box fan which launched a squadron of airborne dust-bunnies across the bedroom. I’m forcing myself to make an effort to wipe everything down before bringing it to the new place: no sense in moving the dust with me.

So my mood towards moving has somewhat improved. I can’t help but think that the uptick in my mood corresponds directly to the fact that the piles of boxes has finally been diminished to the point where I can see floor again. It’s the little victories. The only down side to such a productive day is that tomorrow I will need to get creative in finding the next load of things to pack. But at least it feels like progress.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 23, 2016.

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