Our little pink house.

We moved all our furniture today so this is our first night in the new house. We’ll either sleep really well from exhaustion or we won’t sleep at all from the unfamiliarity of it. From where I’m lying in bed in my new room I can see into the living room which feels very strange. I’m not used to having a doorway at my feet. 

The cats are still prowling around getting a sense of their new domain. In the distance it is possible to hear a mariachi band playing in someone’s backyard. They seem to be an accomplished group but they are just far enough away to sound like a honking of clown horns. 

We have the big furniture pieces in place thanks to the irreplaceable help of our brother-in-law, Steadfast, who also brought cupcakes: a double win. Now everything has become a game of GiveMeGetMeFetchMeWheresMy? Every task is a series of unnecessary challenges. Take for example, feeding the cats: where did we pack the cat food? Is there a dish? How do I get it out of the can- literally no spoons left, only knives. Did we pack the lids to close it up again? How about Saran wrap? Tin foil?  Ugh. 

We also learned just how narrow our doorways are: as in, the only way to get the refrigerator into the kitchen required removing the doors. We may need to double check the width of the washer and dryer that we were planning to have installed. The Curmudgeonly Lion’s desk proved to be so big that we finally had to get it out of the apartment by feeding it through the window instead of the door and we’re simply going to have to take it apart in the living room and reassemble it in his new office. It has been that kind of day.

But we took a big step forward. I celebrated with a rather brisk shower and now I’m preparing to go to bed on time-ish if the mariachi will let me sleep. Tomorrow: settling in. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 27, 2016.

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