In a Box… Somewhere

“Hey, do you have a […]?”
“Yes, it’s in a box … somewhere.”

This was the conversation that we had ALL DAY. It didn’t matter what we needed to put our hands on, it would be in a box… somewhere. 

Slowly but surely we are begining the process of settling in. We discovered that the reason why last night’s shower was so brisk was because the water heater wasn’t on. The Curmudgeonly Lion tried to get it lit but gas didn’t seem to be coming through. We tested the gas to the stove, which worked fine there, just not at the water heater. We tried sparking the pilot light to avail. We tried lighting it with a flame ( do we have matches? Yes, in a box… somewhere) to no avail. We called the landlady who sent a handyman to take a look at it. He tried sparking it, to no avail. He checked the gas line (do you have a crescent wrench? Yes, in a box… somewhere).The gas was working, the heater just wouldn’t light. He finally called a plumber who walked in, pushed the button, and started it up without a problem. I guess that’s the professional touch. 

So at least we have hot water now. 

Tomorrow is installation day: cable and washer and dryer (we measured the door- they *should* fit with an inch to spare). So that will keep us hopping. My hope is to get enough things out of boxes that I could maybe sometimes find a thing or two. That would be nice. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 28, 2016.

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