It was installation day at the new house: cable in the morning (I now have internet again!) and our new washer and dryer in the early afternoon. Every step of this turned out to be another side-step, of course. First the cable package didn’t include the premium channels, then something fried in the tuner so we couldn’t run our sound the way we were hoping. Then the gas hookup for the dryer needed to be replaced due to being so old as to be out of code. Then the drain for the washer had too sharp of a bend for the drain hose to feed into and needed an extension. Then, when we tried to run the washer to test it, the water inputs weren’t turned on and when we turned them on they too were so old that they started leaking everywhere and they too had to be replaced. So pretty much everything has been replaced now and we’ve gotten really comfortable calling our landlady/neighbor. We ran one empty load through the washer to make sure that it drained (also this was recommended by the instructions to make sure that the drum is clean) and everything worked ok on that. Hopefully it will all work tomorrow with actual clothes. 

All in all it was a successful day, just not a very straightforward one. We got the entertainment system up and running ( tuner problems notwithstanding) and emptied out nearly all the boxes that were occupying the living room and kitchen. We still have plenty of work yet to do, but things are coming together. 

Hopefully tomorrow will have fewer hiccups.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 29, 2016.

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