Putting the “home” in home cooked meal again.

I’m beginning to feel a bit more human lately. Life in the new house is beginning to take shape: we successfully executed a load of laundry with no mishaps and with no calls to the plumber. I was able to sit at a laptop to answer emails instead of pecking at my phone all day. We went grocery shopping. We cooked dinner at home and ate it *almost* at a reasonable hour, sitting at a table and then settled in to watch a bit of TV. A few hints of normalcy beginning to take shape. It’s not quite a routine yet, but at least it feels like progress.

The house and I are back to playing the Bug Game. While moving a stack of fabric bolts I discovered another dead cockroach carcass (flushed) and not five minutes later discovered a live one in one of our boxes of junk-drawer stuff. No. Just no. I took the whole box outside, emptied it piece by piece, and crushed the bugger on the sidewalk. The carcasses are bad enough- I’m not letting a live one get away with invading.

The cats are struggling to figure out horizontal blinds. After living with vertical blinds for virtually their entire life, this is a new struggle. They haven’t quite figured out how to get underneath the blinds in order to sit by the window so there is a lot of pawing and clattering and yelling and spritzing going on as we vainly try to keep them from bending the blind-slats each time they try to crawl through them.

We ourselves are struggling to adapt to Valley heat, which is significantly more pronounced than the heat in our old neighborhood. So far we’ve contented ourselves to keep the house closed up during the day and running the air conditioner just enough to keep things comfortable and then turning it off at night when it cools down. Hard to say whether this routine will last, but we’re doing our best to keep the air running at a minimum until we get a sense of our bills.

So, not much unpacking, but progress nonetheless.



~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 30, 2016.

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