Work Space

If anyone ever tries to immortalize my workspace in a museum, they'd better not forget the coffee pot.

If only my work space looked as writerly as this…

The impulse to go back to bed was almost unbearable. I lurched out of bed to a five AM alarm to make a lunch for the Curmudgeonly Lion and to see him out the door for his first day back at work- with a new, longer commute. It wasn’t even six in the morning yet: the bed looked so very tempting. But I was committed to staying up in solidarity: if he had to be up and working at the crack of dawn then I was going to be up and working even if it was just around the house.

I’d mentally committed myself to eight hours of writing as well. Specifically, the hours between nine and five. That meant that laundry, cleaning, unpacking, sorting and organizing were going to have to get done early, over lunch, or late. Since I was up, I went ahead and got started.

The first task was to set up my office. Since moving to the new house we’ve gotten into the habit of actually eating at the (formerly kitchen) table I’m working at breaking myself of the habit of using it as a work area. It’s not easy. It’s sunny and central and it’s where the coffee is, but I have an office for a reason. It is time to take it seriously.

I moved furniture around for a while until things felt right. After discovering a live cockroach in one of the boxes in my office a couple days ago, we decided to get some Great Stuff foam to seal up any leftover holes in the wall from Direct TV cables. I didn’t want to load all my files into the filing cabinet only to have to pull it out again in order to access the hole in the wall with a Great Stuff can. So I paused my office setup for the day and spent the remaining hour bringing in boxes from our storage heap in the workshop to be unloaded into closets and hutches as time permitted. A small dent was made in the heap.

At nine in the morning I sat myself down at the computer and set to work writing until lunch time. I allowed myself an hour break to eat lunch and to unpack some of the boxes that I’d brought in earlier, took a ten minute lie-down, and then got back to work. I spent the afternoon writing on a different project. Three hours seems to be the limit of my useful attention span- by the end of the day I found myself losing focus, but then again I’ve been away from desk-work for a couple weeks now. With luck I’ll get back into practice after the holiday with the added handicap of giving up caffeine for ten days to detox. If I can make it through that, then I’ll be able to make it through anything.

So it was a successful and productive day.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 2, 2016.

One Response to “Work Space”

  1. That’s so much more serious looking than my work space!

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