I spent the day in a fog. Day one with no caffeine and my train of thought is all cabooses. I tried to explain my slow-headedness to my sister via text and proudly proclaimed that I was on a “carotene detox”. I’m sure this is a thing; this is California after all. 

So the day was peppered with little naps, to the delight of the cats who took the opportunity to turn little naps into bigger naps, because no one can resist the force of a comfortable cat. 

What I may have lacked in concentration and inspiration I managed to make up for in inertia: unwilling to move out of my seat I made it through the enormous pile of bills to be sorted and filed, and caught up on some letter writing and  job applications. I don’t dare submit them, though, until I can double check them with clearer eyes. 

I’m realizing that it has been several years since I last took a break from caffeine. Partly I try to detox Now and then so that I don’t depend on it so much. This time I also wanted to give my teeth a break since they are getting quite stained indeed. I figured I could whiten them while I wasn’t drinking coffee and maybe it would last for a little while. Now seemed like as good of a time as any to do it. 

So I’m still hazy and unfocused, but I think I’ll probably sleep well tonight. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 6, 2016.

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