Through it all I just keep reminding myself to find serenity.

The day began with taking the van in to the dealership for a checkup. A dashboard light had come on notifying me that something was up with the airbag system and the only way to get it to turn off again was to bring it in to a dealership. Since it was also due for an oil change and had spontaneously gotten a flat tire it seemed like a checkup was in order. Once a vehicle reaches a certain age, routine maintenance checkups are basically excuses to look for trouble: how many things are on the verge of going wrong and how many of them can be fixed before the cost of the repairs becomes greater than the cost of the vehicle? The work that we got done today cost less than a quarter of the quote for all the other things that Needs Doing. Replacing all the hoses. Replacing the drive belt. Replacing the serpentine belt. Replacing the brake fluid. Replacing the power steering fluid… We have some choices to make. 

At any rate, taking the van in to the dealership meant being without it for most of a day- a surprisingly difficult obstacle. I spent much of the day around the house sorting boxes and trying to get myself organized. We discovered that we’d sprung another leak- this time as a slow seeping around the base of one of the toilets leaving a small but unpleasant pool of water on the bathroom floor. So the plumber was called: we’re getting to be on a first name basis with him. 

Around three we finally got word that the van was ready and decided to go up straight away to try to avoid rush hour traffic. Our window of time was tight: we would have to be back in time for eye doctor appointments before five. As it was, we barely made it on time.

The eye appointment went well: it was my first time getting my eyes checked at a Costco, but I liked it better than our last optometrist who constantly misquoted prices and once managed to give me a prescription that made it harder to see with the new contracts than with the old ones… Not exactly a vote of confidence. It turns out that I’m so terribly myopic that I don’t qualify for Lasik, but I do qualify for implantable contacts, which I’ve never heard of before and which sound very space age indeed. So more research is necessary. 

After a day of juggling cars and appointments and spending heaps of money on boring adulting things I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine of job hunting and writing tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 8, 2016.

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