On The Job

"An hour should be plenty of time" - said no Angeleno ever.

“An hour should be plenty of time” – said no LA commuter ever.

The call for work came in at eight in the morning.

I said yes, of course, it was a one day gig at a company that I’d temped at earlier in the summer so I already knew everyone and the phone system and where it was located. And although I’d already made an exhaustive to do list for the day, I hadn’t planned anything that I couldn’t move. It was just for one day, after all. I was glad that I was already dressed and had already eaten breakfast so all I had to do was pack a lunch and feed the cats and grab a notebook to write in to keep myself occupied if things got slow.

The biggest problem was getting there. Getting a call at eight and then trying to get somewhere by nine in Los Angeles is akin to trying to put on your old jeans from high school: you *think* you should be able to do it, but nobody actually can. I mean, I can, because I was in high school in the nineties, but that’s beside the point. Needless to say, I ran late. Which I hate. Hate. HATE.

The day itself was quiet and productive. Everybody seemed to remember me and seemed glad that I was back, which was a relief: being at the reception desk means being banished outside the office to guard the door, so I really only got to see people when they came in or out. It’s nice to know I made an impression. And it was pleasant to be back at a familiar place.

In a one-two punch of good news, the temp agency also had a three day gig for me starting on Friday. It is still just a receptionist job, but I suspect that it may be a much busier office with much more activity. I’m excited but also more than a little intimidated by the thought of Heavy Phones which might be a possibility. My fear of Heavy Phones is a little bit like my fear of vomiting: an irrational fear of a natural part of life that I’ll have to face sooner or later and probably more than once in my lifetime. If this is the time, then I might as well get it over with so that I’ll know how I’ll handle it.

Luckily, I have tomorrow to prepare, so I’ll have time to do some research. I’ll also have time to deal with all the tasks from today that I put off in favor of last minute work. It just feels so good to be working! I’ll take what I can get.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 14, 2016.

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