Sweet Relief

This is me every time I get called for a job.

This is me every time I get called for a job.

I spent today trying very hard not to think about tomorrow. Mostly, this involved keeping myself busy and luckily for me I had plenty to do. Tomorrow I start a new temp gig. It’s just for three days, but I’m still going through all the New Job Nerves as if it is the start of my career. I’d like to think that these jitters are something that I will grow out of someday, but in the meantime I compensate by keeping my head down and focusing on work.

The first part of the morning was spent moving back into my office. I have to break myself of the habit of working at the kitchen table. It helped to have artwork on the to do list: it made sense to clear off the drawing board to do it. That part was easy- finding my marker paper was a different problem: it was still packed in a box somewhere. In a rare moment in which my hoarding tendencies paid off, I came across a stack of scraps that I’d saved from previous marker projects- too big to throw away… I might need them someday.

So I spent the morning alternating between artwork and paperwork as I sorted through bills and letters and change of address forms and insurance information. In the afternoon I drove to campus for a meeting: it was my first time back there in almost a month and it was strange to see both familiar and unfamiliar faces in the lobbies and courtyards after the emptiness of the summer.

As I left campus I got a call about a six month temp gig to start the week after next. At last! Work! The relief of it was palpable. Suddenly I knew that I would have something to do for the rest of the year: no more wondering and worrying and waiting. I had plenty of time to bask in this relief on the drive home in rush hour traffic. Suddenly the next three days seemed much less intimidating: if it went well, then I would get to make some good impressions. If it went poorly, then it would only be for three days- and then I’d be off in the land of spreadsheets. Ahhh spreadsheets.

On that note, it is now getting late and I ought to get a good night’s sleep so that I can have my head on straight in the morning. Keep calm and Work On.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 15, 2016.

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