Not my artwork, but dang it illustrates my point.

Not my artwork, but dang it illustrates my point.

From the other room I could hear the sound of a cat scratching at the carpeting.

“Cat!” I yelled.

Calling the cats by species is the equivalent of calling your kid by their middle name: typically it only happens when they are causing trouble. Pretty much all I could do was yell, though, and the cat knew it. I was in the bathroom. What was I going to do? On the other hand, being in the bathroom meant that my voice was bouncing against the springs in the Thermador heater built into the wall, which put a spectacular reverb on my voice, meaning that I was pretty much yelling at the cat with Vox Deus. The scratching stopped.

Other than that, it was a day spent at home. I spent some quality time in photoshop teaching myself the pen tool in order to digitize some characters that I designed for a friend’s animated series. It’s likely that I’m not being the most efficient digital artist in the world, but I got two characters done and I seem to be getting faster. I was pleased that everything came back to me without too much hesitation.

And I did manage to get out for a run. After last weekend I figured I’d be running almost every day again, but then work came up. So it was good to get out today. The temperatures got up into the hundreds during the day and it was only slightly cooler at sundown, but it was worth it to get out and run around.

It seems that in the span of a few short days that I’ve turned a proverbial corner. All the uncertainty of the summer seems to be resolving itself in various ways: work has started to come in, we’ve moved house, I’ve completed a caffeine detox… even my weight seems to be getting back down to normal. I’m starting to build a comfortable routine again. I can only hope that the trend will continue.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 18, 2016.

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