What Music?

That's not how you listen to music on the Cloud.

No, Hubert, That’s not how you listen to music on the Cloud.

Dangit! I’m doing it again. I sat down to write a quick post and then got distracted doing¬†everything¬†else and now it is late. I still have to write, but at least I’ve updated my spreadsheets and delivered some artwork. Because priorities.

For reasons unclear to me, the newest update of iTunes conveniently “forgot” where all my music was. If it wasn’t on the iTunes cloud, it might as well not exist. The files were still there, and still stored in the Music folder under iTunes Media in the library, but the player refused to acknowledge their existence. If I clicked on the file, it would open in the player and play just fine and the player would be all like: “What, this? Oh, it’s been here all along.” So I spent most of the day clicking through my music collection to re-load it back into the player. I’ve made it as far as “M”. Turns out I have a lot of music for iTunes to ignore.

Aside from music woes, I managed to stay pretty focused. It was a day spent on the computer in Photoshop creating digital versions of character designs for an animated series. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share any images yet- but it sounds like the episodes may show up on YouTube in the nearish future so once everything goes live I’ll be sure to share some of these images that I keep vague-blogging about.

So it was a quiet day at home (not counting my atonal singing),¬†spending hours deeply engaged in work on artwork that I can’t show for a project that I can’t quite talk about yet. I got out for a run in the evening, but mis-timed it slightly and found myself running in the dark by the end. Luckily the route I’ve worked out is reasonably well lit, but I still carried a flashlight. Ironically, it was searching for the flashlight that made me late getting out the door, thus assuring that I would need the flashlight that I spent all that time looking for. (Does that count as irony? I’m never sure anymore.) It was good to get out, but I gotta get in the habit of running more than once a week- every time I go out it feels like I’m starting over. Ahh well.



~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 22, 2016.

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