They say that the true sign of a professional is the ability to meet deadlines, in which case I’m still an enthusiastic amateur. I didn’t write yesterday, instead using the time to work on artwork for the animated series that I’ve been designing. By eleven at night there was still work to be done, but I had run out of focus and energy. There comes a point where you have to make the choice between getting done on time or getting it done right and I decided it was more important to start fresh. So today was half spent working on artwork and half spent cleaning the house in preparation for having some friends over for dinner. I was glad to have the excuse of friends visiting to get the place clean, but YIKES it’s a lot of work. We’ve barely lived here a month and already I’m chasing dust off of every surface. I’m trying to make good cleaning habits, but I always find myself trying to get the whole house clean in one day before guests arrive. I guess I just need to entertain regularly. 

Tomorrow it is the start of a temp gig that should last through the end of the year. So it’s the first day on a job, but it’s with a company that I’ve worked with before so I’m feeling good about it. Having a day job means that I’ll need to be very diligent about choosing what other tasks need to be accomplished each day: free time is suddenly going to get much more precious. 

On that note, sleep is also going to become more precious, so I’d better not waste any more time. Time for bed: more adventures tomorrow.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 25, 2016.

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