Monday Again

Well here it is Monday again. The weekend was full and busy, but I expected to get more done and find myself more rested. Isn’t that the truth of adulthood: always wishing to get more done and be more rested. Obviously I didn’t get much writing done. By the end I was rushing from task to task as eleven o clock closed in with steady certainty.

It was a social weekend, at least by my homebody standards. On Friday, the Curmudgeonly Lion and I went out with friends to we Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman’s Hollywood Babble-On at the Hollywood Improv. It’s heard of Hollywood Babble-On (a podcast about pop culture) but I’d never actually listened to it. Part live show, part podcast, it was great fun to see, but it made for a very late night. 

The fun of the evening was only slightly dampened by the fact that I was due to go to a health screening the next morning which required fasting for twelve hours beforehand. I thought that I’d made an appointment, but when I arrived at the location from the confirmation email the next morning, I found it closed: not open on weekends. The whole point of making the appointment was because I had to go on a weekend. Frustrated, and hungry- there’s a reason why I don’t leave the house without eating breakfast, I managed to determine that there was a second location on one of the other corners of that same intersection. One that was open on weekends. It took me two tries to find it and when I did I had to sign in as a walk-in, which meant an hour wait for a thirty second blood draw. That was the extent of the entire screening: a blood draw. I would have to provide my own blood pressure by using one of the drugstore blood pressure cuffs. I’m not convinced that I got an accurate reading from this since my heartrate registered in the “athlete” range, while my diastolic pressure was prehypertensive and my systolic pressure was low normal. So I’m either in great shape or I’m borderline hypertensive. Recommendations for which are: eat right and exercise and avoid stress. Which is not actually very helpful, since I try to do all that anyway. 

After the health screeching, we went to a book signing for an actress friend, Brooke Lewis, who was promoting her life coach book “Coaching From a Professed Hot Mess”. The signing was held at a little store called Dark Delicacies full of books and Dvds and toys and clothes all of the pulp horror genre, so it was a fun way to start October. 

Sunday was perforated by an ADR recording session for a film that I’m working to wrap up. After three months of being off the stages, I was relieved to discover that I still remembered how to set up the equipment and run a session. Recording went smoothly and finished early, giving me enough time to work on some much delayed artwork and still get out for my one and only run for the week. 

So now it is back to the working week and a new set of goals and plans. Starting with writing more regularly.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 3, 2016.

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