Well there’s your problem: you’re gonna have to upgrade to CS MCMLXXXII before you can recover your work.

In spite of my best intentions, I managed to blow away all of my evenings work with two careless clicks: close file? Click. Save Changes? No. Click. The wrong window was highlighted so the wrong window closed. I searched for a backup file, a scratch disc, a temp draft for twenty minutes until I decided that it would waste less of my time to start over and I went to bed. All the online suggestions for recovering a file pertained to Photoshop CS6 while I’m still getting by on CS4. The top of the line has already moved on to “CC” for the Creative Cloud. So maybe there is no recovery for a version so old or maybe there’s simply no online hints anymore. Whatever the reason, I never did find the backup.

In the morning I started over. I had half an hour to play catch-up before I had to get out the door to play catch-the-bus. I’m not caught up, exactly, because I decided to take a different approach to tackling the project, but I made progress. And darn tootin’ I saved my work every ten minutes- a process which took a solid minute each time, but overall was worth it. 

My desktop computer is getting old. Actually, it has been old for a while now- I got it in 2010 so it’s had a good run and I ought to think about replacing it with something that actually has the power to run the operating system instead of slogging through every task with a spinning beach ball. But I don’t want to replace it. For the amount of money that computers cost, I feel like I ought to get a good ten years out of them. Naive, I know, but then again I’m the kind of person who wants to see how long I can go before I wear actual holes in the soles of my shoes (Six years and counting). 

Aside from occasionally deleting my own work, I don’t seem to be much worse off for making do. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 4, 2016.

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