Cloud Cover

The storm clouds came up over the mountains in the mid afternoon casting a heavy grey blanket over the sky and fully obscuring any chance of seeing the harvest moon. But on the plus side, it did feel appropriately fall-like for an October day. In spite of the heavy clouds, we got no rain: at least, we hadn’t gotten any by the time I planned to go running so I went ahead and decided to risk it. In spite of all my good intentions, I hadn’t accomplished anything else all day so running seemed like a good idea. I might just get two runs in this week instead of one. Imagine that.

Earlier in the day I went through a box of old artwork that was recently unearthed from my parents’ house. There was a lot of “Oh, that’s where that went” and “Dang, I don’t even remember doing that one” reactions as I pulled out drawing after drawing from as far back as high school. I only gave them a cursory overview- it was a walk down memory lane that was going to take me a little while to meander my way through so I didn’t dare delve into it until I had time to dedicate to the journey, but it was enough to remind me that a. I’ve done enough artwork in my life that I’ve forgotten about a lot of it and b. that some of the artwork I’ve turned out is due to deep, deep obsessions with things. Scotland, for one. Star Wars, for another. Shakespeare. Santa Claus.

The rest of the day was spent in a state of indolent procrastination. I feel this was earned after a long week at the new job at work: a chance to let my brain re-set. Tomorrow, though, I’ll need to get back on the to do list. It’s OK to lie around for a day now and then, but two is pushing it.

So that’s all for tonight. More tomorrow.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 15, 2016.

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