Garden of Thorns

The bush by the front door was starting to bother me. I don’t know much about pruning bushes, but I know when one is starting to get overgrown and the one by the front door was becoming overgrown nearly to the point of reaching the eaves of the house. 

Yesterday, while at the hardware store, I picked up a pair of clippers. The Curmudgeonly Lion also had the foresight to get me a pair of work gloves, which turned out to be a lifesaver ( well, a hand saver, anyway). It turns out that the bush in question is covered in thorns. Not prominent ones- not ones you’d even notice at first glance, but I sure as hell noticed them the minute I started trimming. 

Thorns seem to be a theme when out comes to the plant life of southern California. Somehow everything seems to carry an edge, a point, or both. These may or may not be disguised by leaves or flowers- more than once I’ve found myself taking a closer look at a flowering shrub only to discover that the stems appear to have been rolled in broken glass. Beautiful and hostile. I guess that about sums this town up. 

Anyway, so I did a little after-dark yard work. I tackled the thorn bush back into submission and watered the roses. I need to figure out why the roses aren’t blooming- at first I thought it was just too dry and hot, being the end of summer and all, but the neighbor’s roses seem to be doing just fine. I guess I ought to do some research. I’ve never been responsible for roses before. 

Anyway, that was probably the most interesting part of my day. The rest was spent doing laundry and balancing the books and cleaning the bathroom ( on the plus side, Scrubbing Bubbles works GREAT! On the minus side, I suddenly discovered how clean I wasn’t getting the bathroom before now). It’s a thrilling life I lead.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 16, 2016.

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