Rain Delay

I awoke to the sound of falling water and thought that I might still be dreaming. Or maybe misinterpreting what I was hearing, after all, it was only last night that I found myself fed up with the grinding revs of a motorcycle on one of the neighboring streets that I finally got out of bed to look out the window as discovered that I was actually hearing the cat growling at an intruding cat outside. 

So it seemed, to my waking mind, that the sound that I thought was falling water might be the sound of… Who knows: squirrels throwing pinecones into the roof, perhaps. 

But it was rain. By the time that I got out of bed the storm itself seemed to have passed leaving only a spattering of raindrops falling from the edges of the roof. We had been waiting for a rainstorm to determine whether there were any leaks in the roof: the ceilings inside the house are only a sheet of plywood and a layer of tarpaper from the roof outside and there would be nothing to stop a leak from seeping straight through into the house. If any such leaks existed. Up until now, we hadn’t had any rain to know for sure. After a room by room inspection yielded no evidence of dripping water, I felt safe to deem the house water tight.

The morning commute was somewhat less warm and cozy. By the time that I made it out the door, the rain had faded into a pervasive heavy mist. It wasn’t rain that was falling so much as it was rain hanging suspended in the air for you to walk into. My umbrella wasn’t much help. A raincoat seemed like overkill for a day that would likely be sunny by lunch time. The biggest dilemma by far was navigating rain day traffic- an extremely unpredictable variable in Los Angeles commuting. I left early, but I’m still running late. I can only console myself with the fact that everybody else will be running late too. 

At least it feels appropriately fall like for October. I would be craving something pumpkin flavored if I actually liked pumpkin. I’ll have to make do with hot coffee. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 17, 2016.

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