Paper Work Time

Ahh well behaved paperwork. The best kind.

Ahh paperwork. It’s a strange thing to be satisfied about, but there’s something nice about getting paperwork squared away. I spent the afternoon sorting through the necessary forms for a production binder for one of the films that I hope to wrap up by the end of the year. I didn’t quite finish: there are a few pieces that I still need to put together, but it crossed five or six line-items off my Things-To-Do-Before-Year-End list which was very satisfying indeed.

Thanks to the time change, the day has felt extra long. It took me by surprise: for some reason I expected the clocks to go back tonight instead of yesterday night, so when I woke up to bright sunlight in the room I was astonished to discover that my phone said  it was only 7:30. I guess that is the advantage of the modern world: phones that know how to turn back their own clocks when the time changes.

After my adventures out running errands yesterday, I was looking forward to a day in (but let’s face it, when don’t I look forward to a day in?). The Curmudgeonly Lion made a trek out to a specialty hardware store to pick up some lighting fixtures for his new workshop. I could tell that he wanted me to go with him, and I said that I would go with him if he asked me, but he finally elected to go alone. This gave me both the time to myself to putter in the studio as well as the unspoken expectation to Use The Time Wisely since it was time that I could have been spending with him. That helped keep me on task.

Going out for a run at four thirty in the afternoon felt strangely early, but the sun was already going down so I knew I had to take advantage of the failing evening light if I wanted to run at all. Afterwards I dug in the back garden to try to dig up some more shamrock plants while talking with my folks on the phone. I only managed to de-shamrock a three foot stretch before the bucket filled up and my legs couldn’t take the stretching anymore. I guess that’s one way to limber up my hamstrings. I found a single earthworm, which brings my total earthworms-in-the-garden count up to two. Meanwhile, the cockroaches-in-the-house count is up to four. I suspect the changing weather must be driving them indoors and they must be coming up the drain in the bathroom since that is where we have found two of them. (The others were in the middle of the living room floor and in the furnace cupboard). I’ve discovered that a Pringles can is an effective way to dispatch a twitching carcass before flushing. The things you learn…

So tomorrow it is back to work, but I can feel confident that I made some forward progress this weekend.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 6, 2016.

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