It felt strange to see daylight when I got out the door this morning. I’ve gotten so used to walking to the bus in the dark that it felt strange and raw to be out in the morning light. I suppose that I will watch the sun edge it’s way back towards the horizon each morning until the solstice and may find myself back in the darkness before long. It hasn’t gotten much colder, except at night, but it feels more wintery to see the change in the angle of the light.

 I am starting to feel the approach of the end of the year more acutely: two weeks until Thanksgiving, a month and a half until Christmas. The stores are all full of decorations: the front of the hardware store has become a wonderland of faux Christmas trees in every imaginable size, color, lighting combination, or smell… You know, in case pine isn’t ‘ Christmassy” enough and you really need a boost of apple cinnamon. So far, my only nod to The Season had been to buy replacement lightbulb for the Christmas lights- because by the time that I actually put up the decorations they won’t be on shelves anymore. 

And, of course, I look forward to the grand finale of the political circus that I can only hope will come about tomorrow with Election Day. I think that its safe to say that this isn’t an election like any other, though, so it seems unlikely that it will come to a conventional end. 

Meanwhile, goes on. I’ll have to map out a plan for the week while I still have all my momentum from yesterday’s paperwork blitz. With luck I’ll be able to keep up the good habits. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 7, 2016.

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