The chill in the house was not intense, but it was pervasive. The heat came one but only seemed to blow cold air, an effect only intensified by a grey afternoon and cold, drizzling rain. I sat in my studio, working on two computers at once: toggling between some artwork for Thrift Video and transcribing some writing that I’ve been doing on the side- in an attempt to make progress on two fronts at once while secretly hoping that the computers themselves would keep me warm.

It did not much help.

In keeping with the theme of keeping things cold, we had a new refrigerator installed. So at the moment the kitchen is simply lousy with refrigerators. In spite of multiple, careful measuring attempts, the new fridge proved to be too big to fit in the same nook where the old one stands: too tall by a quarter of an inch to fit beneath the overhead cabinets. The only other place in the kitchen where it could go was between the washer and dryer like an enormous stainless steel chaperone making sure that there will be no hanky-panky between laundry machines. It looms there, in the kitchen, like a Kubrickian villain, malevolently dispensing ice into it’s freezer drawer, just waiting to overtake the house.

Hello, Dave.

Hello, Dave. I’ve figured out doors.

Now we just need to remove the old one before Hal figures out how to enlist its help in the hostile takeover.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 26, 2016.

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