Monday After

Cyber Monday: Black Friday for introverts.

Cyber Monday: Black Friday for introverts.

In spite of my best intentions, getting back up to speed after a long weekend of eating big meals and sleeping in until the late morning hour of eight AM, the transition back to the working world was not quite as simple as I’d hoped. My concentration is still rather diffused, but I’m starting to get myself back together.

The morning was cold enough that I could see my breath, but the day wasn’t scheduled to be cold long enough to merit a coat: this, truly, is the dilemma of winter in Los Angeles. I compromised by wearing my hair down: people think that I’m joking when I refer to it as my “winter coat” and frankly I’d never want to test it as an actual source of heat against actual winter temperatures in, say, Chicago, but for a little extra warmth on a cold morning in southern California it works just fine.

Work was… well, work. Nothing very noteworthy. I tried to use the time wisely to make lists and figure out what I need to prioritize for December as we get into the holiday preparations on top of year-end tasks. Wrote a few letters. Answered the phone. Contemplated my navel. Did a little Christmas shopping. I’d feel good about getting it done early except that the Curmudgeonly Lion already had his gift for me and was insistent that I open it either today or tomorrow. I opened it earlier this evening to discover that it was an Advent calendar made up of twenty four drams of Irish whiskey: an excellent gift indeed! I now understand the urgency. I’m also looking forward to celebrating all the way to Christmas day with it.

I’m also extra glad that my Christmas shopping is done.

I’m still at the mercy of the postal service: after Black Friday comes Cyber Monday and after Cyber Monday comes Package-Stealin’-Tuesday, so I plan to keep my eye on the tracking as much as I can. Typically the shipping services are very swift this time of year, so hopefully there will be no delay. The season tis upon us.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 28, 2016.

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  1. Oh yes it was hard! I thought I forgot everything!

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