The muse, it seems, is not upon me today. I’m not sure why: it’s certainly not for a lack of trying, which makes it doubly frustrating because the time spent trying and failing to connect to that strange magic that makes the words flow seems just as wasted as not trying at all. Maybe this is the true nature of writer’s block: the unseen work of tasting and rejecting the words in the air is just as invisible as procrastination which makes it difficult/ impossible to point to something and say: well, I didn’t produce anything, but at least I made this progress. 
I also realize that the harder I try more I force myself out of the creative mindset and into the editorial mindset. And it’s true that writing is re-writing, but only if something has been written first. So the more I think about writing the less words I actually put on paper. Ugh. Conundrums.

I suppose this too is part of the process. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 29, 2016.

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