A Little Pocket of Internet

I happened to search the internet for a poem by Robert Burns. It turns it was “The Selkirk Prayer”, not that anyone is asking. It also turns out that there is a whole section of Wikipedia written in Scots, which I found to be delightful. I clicked around for a while, navigating as best I could and occasionally having to read things out loud to get a sense of what the word was supposed to be: “tuilkist”, for instance, took me a good five minutes of puzzling to figure out it meant “tools”. 

Reading a Wikipedia article in Scots is a little bit like Reading a description of something technical described in the Thing Explainer– It was impossible not to read every article with a certain cheeky attitude. This was not helped by fact that the article on Glasgow included a heading labeled “Glesga City Rules, Chester City Drools” which no one had yet seen fit to eedit. 

Suddenly I quite want to visit Scotland again. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 30, 2016.

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