Doctor Day

I had to take a day off of work for. doctor’s appointment, so I figured: “Why have one appointment when I could have three?!” 
So needless to say, it has been a busy day. I started off with my yearly retina exam- I had a partial detachment in one eye back in 2012 and even though it was lasered back down, I still have to get my pupils dilated every year so they can check on it. I’d actually missed the appointment that I originally scheduled due to work so when I rescheduled I asked for the earliest time slot they had available which turned out to be 7:20 in the morning, which meant leaving the house around 5:45. Traffic was great though. We got there way early and grabbed a coffee at a nearby Starbucks which was a pleasant treat. I say “we” because the Curmudgeonly Lion elected to take the Day off as well (more on that in a bit) and thought it would be better if I didn’t have to drive home afterwards with pupils the size of dinner plates. So he sat at the Starbucks and read while I had checkup number one. Everything still looks good, I’m pleased to say. 

Appointment number two was a consultation for an IUD. I’ve been trying to get an IUD since the first week of November when I was going in for my annual exam, but it turned into a dance number of unconscionable complexity which included one basic exam at an out of network clinic, one aborted appointment ( no pun intended) at an in-network weekend clinic, and about fifty phone calls to the insurance company and various local providers trying to find one that was in-network, available at a convenient time that wouldn’t involve taking a day off of work (there exists no such thing- thus my decision to take a day off from work), and that carried the product I wanted. In the course of these many phone calls I learned that this was a two part process: first a consult about the IUD, then a procedure to actually get it implanted. So I wasn’t expecting much from today’s appointment except to make the next one, but the doctor asked if I wanted to go ahead and get it done. Yes, yes I did. He warned that it might be more painful due to the time of the month (it wasn’t)  but I wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass me by. So I’m now officially benched in the babymaking game until the biological clock runs down. I hope. It’s hard to describe the sense of relief- I came home feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off of me.

This feeling of lightness lasted about an hour, then it was off to the dentist. Because why not collect all three? It was just an exam and a cleaning, alas, one cavity so I’ll have to go back for a filling, but I like the new dentist and the office setup. Our last dentist did work that was fine but the office was so dingey and badly maintained I always questioned how good it could actually be. It was a constant battle to avoid being upsold on the hundred dollar bleachings and to actually get the cleaning and the exam at the same time and what is this blind signature going on? The new dentist cleared all these hurdles, at least, so I feel comfortable going back again. Which is good because I’ll be getting the filling right after Christmas. Yaaaay.

So after a day of routine maintenance I feel like I’ve made up for the missed day of work. My eyes have returned to normal, my guts haven’t been too crampy, and my teeth are whiter than they’ve been in months, so I’m ready to face the end of the year going strong.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 6, 2016.

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