The rains have come at last. From inside the house, the sound of the rain on the roof sounds like the popping of PopRocks candies. I keep expecting to feel the fizz of it on my tongue. Listening to the sound of the droplets, I can hear the shape of the room around me. 

Rain has been in the forecast for today and tomorrow so I’ve been holding off on watering the plants in the yard, all the while worrying that they were going to dry out and die on me. I left the house with an umbrella this morning, but didn’t need it on the morning commute. I was beginning to wonder whether I’d carried out all the way to work for nothing.

After yesterday’s flood of creative productivity, today feels rather plain by comparison. I suppose that any day would feel anticlimactic; they can’t all be easy, right? But it was productive in other ways instead. I may have finally talked myself into just the right amount of panic to be productive with the weekend. I hope. I seem to be adding things to my mental checklist a lot faster than I’m crossing them off. 

Tomorrow is the holiday party for the office, so at least the working week will end on a festive note. Alas, however, this means that I am going to have to drive instead of taking the bus so I will be trading in my relaxing morning bus ride for a commute doubly aggravated by the rain. Ahh well, sometimes sacrifices must be made.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 15, 2016.

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