Ugly Sweater Day

I’ve just the thing!

Today was Ugly Sweater day at the office. And there I was just wearing a regular old sweater with no bobbles or glitter or lights or tinsel- because it can’t just be ugly or a sweater, it has to be a specific kind of festive Ugly Sweater©.

 I get that ugly sweaters are a “thing”, but I still don’t understand the trend. Maybe I’m just noticing it more this year because I’m noticing that stores actually sell ugly sweaters on purpose because they’ve figured out that people will buy them. I can’t decide whether this bothers me or not- there’s a small part of me that prefers my fun to be of the No Purchase Necessary variety, but admittedly I don’t usually even realize something is a trend until I start seeing products in stores. 

Surrounded, as I am, with festive, if tasteless, Christmas sweaters, I’m reminded that Christmas itself is now less that a week away. I’m not quite sure how that happened or where the rest of the month went, but suddenly I have a very motivating deadline looming on the horizon to keep me on task. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 19, 2016.

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