Gate Wait

Some Santas I made for gifts.

I’m sitting at the terminal end of the concourse at Midway airport preparing to fly back to Los Angeles and I have plenty of time to kill. I arrived two hours early, a vestigial impulse left over from the days of post-911 security paranoia when the process of getting through the security line could be onerous and time consuming. Back before backscatter x-ray and TSA-Pre. Incidentally, it turns out that leaving a single penny In your pocket will get you a full patdown-and-handswab spot check below the waist while wearing a shirt with metallic sequins will get a TSA agent to first base. Not that I would know this from experience. I suppose I ought to feel more outrage at the invasiveness of this- how dare they breach my sacred perimeter to lay hands on me! But it doesn’t really bother me: ain’t nobody getting enjoyment about it, why make a bigger deal of it that necessary? 

At any rate, I’m on my way home after a visit that is over way too soon. Not everybody gets along with their family, particularly at the holidays, but I do and the visits home always feel too short and over too fast. The shine of the holidays will be off right away as my first task upon returning home is going to be getting a cavity filled, followed by a full day of work. Yay. That’s life I guess. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 26, 2016.

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