Just a few more things before my desk is clear.

The place in the lobby of the office building where the Christmas tree stood is now empty: Christmas, it seems, is Over. The menorah still has the good three days left on it, though. I keep waiting to see Christmas trees left out on the curb and I’m a little surprised that I haven’t seen any already. Then again, this year I’m motivated to look since we now have a backyard fire pit (we git it to burn our old tax records) and I’m too cheap to buy cordwood for it when people are going to be throwing away perfectly good trees any day now. 

The holiday may be over, but office is quiet with so many people still on vacation. The commute has been especially tolerable leaving me with plenty of time to sit and write before going into work- the only problem being that I am still fighting off a cold and every time I bend my head forward, such as when writing, my nose starts to run and the flow seems to be bottomless. I’m not quite sick enough to merit staying home, just enough to be annoyed at having to spend all my time managing symptoms instead of getting other useful things done. I feel like I’ve become a granny with a handkerchief clutched in one hand and a purse full of cough lozenges and a new, deep commitment to hot toddies. 

Ahh flu season.

It doesn’t help much that I keep staying up too late: the closer it gets to the end of the year the more I try to squeeze in every day in an effort to accomplish just one more thing. The act of walking from my studio to the bedroom to turn in for the night is a journey filled with detours and obstacles: fold that laundry, wash that dish, prepare that stack of paperwork for the morning, feed the cats, turn off the lights, check the locks, brush teeth, etc. It would be easy to just keep going: to work straight through the night in an endless chain of tasks, but it would be a false economy: any accomplishment that I might gain by sacrificing sleep for these tasks would be quickly overshadowed by the loss of productivity as sleep deprivation set in. 

So I struggle to find the right balance.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 29, 2016.

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