Rainbow Gateway

2016 going out with a certain amount of flair.

2016 going out with a certain amount of flair.

After nearly a month of sedentary lifestyle and deliberate over-indulgence, I was determined that I was going to go out for a run. The weather did it’s level best to discourage me by being cold and gray and rainy, but I put on my running clothes and forced myself out the door.

The sky overhead was grey and hazy with cold, spitting rain, but the sky to the west was brilliantly aglow with the last rays of the setting sun; somehow warm and soft against the chill dampness in the air. To the east, a rainbow stretched from horizon to horizon in a full semicircle, both ends touching the ground somewhere in the distance. I never would have seen either of these things had I stayed in, listening to the sound of the rain on the roof.

I ran east: towards the rainbow, considering how it looked like a gateway and how appropriate it seemed for the end of a difficult year. Not to get biblical, but it is supposed to be god’s covenant with the flesh of the earth: it seemed to be a good omen for the closing of a difficult year. Neither the rainbow nor the sunset lasted long: both were gone before I turned my first corner, but I was glad to have seen them while I could. The remainder of the run proved cold and wet, but not nearly as painful as I had anticipated considering how out of shape I feel.

I try to make a point of not including fitness as a New Year’s Resolution. My goal from last year was to run 500 miles over the course of the year. I only managed about 308 before I stopped keeping track, but at least I made an effort. Similarly, I failed to read 60 books and struggled to eat three servings of veggies each day, but at least I tried. I did keep up the habit of flossing, and I enjoyed calling my folks each week. So that’s something. Better luck next year. I hope. I’m thinking of trying to take better care of my skin and nails this year- a much more difficult goal than it might sound on the surface since I am rather compulsive about picking at my skin and cuticles, but seems like a worthy habit to try to maintain.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to go into the new year with a clean house and a clear conscience. It may prove to be cold and uncomfortable, but I think I will be glad that I make the effort to get out into the world and challenge myself- for all the hours of rain, there will also be moments of sunset and rainbow and I won’t see them if I huddle inside listening to the drumming of the rain.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 31, 2016.

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