New Normal

On a whim, I filled a travel mug with water from the fridge before leaving the house. It’s a wild life that I lead, I know, but I’m working on containing myself. Also I’m working on doing a better job of staying hydrated. It turns out that it might be high time for me to do so, considering that upon the first sip the water tasted so good and I quaffed so deeply that I managed to aspirate some of it into my lungs. This resulted in a coughing fit at the bus stop which totally did not make any of the other people waiting wonder just what I’d put in that mug. I might’ve been tempted to shout “it’s just water!” if I hadn’t been, you know, drowning at the time. 

So the day got off to a rip roaring start. In a good way, aside from the drowning. I managed to get out of bed with my alarms and get out the door on time. The morning commute was still pleasantly uncrowded, the weather pleasantly mild- cool, but mild. A good day for bringing myself back up to speed. As best as I can, anyway: all my running over the weekend has tied my calves in knots. Why does good health have to hurt? Le sigh.

Somehow, it still feels like the first day of the year, as if the past two days didn’t count. I suppose this is because it’s the first day back in the routine: a first day back to “normal”. Here’s hoping it lives up to its potential.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 3, 2017.

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