Ten Days

My resolve to stop picking at my skin lasted ten days. I caught myself worrying at a bump on my leg, fully aware that what I was doing went against everything I wanted to believe about my own self will, yet utterly unable to stop. 

So I guess that tomorrow I start the count over again. I also didn’t stretch and only did a half hearted job with the moisturizing. And this is my excuse for a post, although my muse did seem willing to flip channels in my brain for most of the day so I captured about six or seven pages of fragments. It’s not as exciting as writing a whole sequence inn one go, but when you find yourself considering six or seven pages of writing to be evidence of merely adequate motivation, you’re probably sounding like a whiner. After all, two pages used to feel like a major accomplishment. And by ‘used to’ I mean as of yesterday.

So it’s all a process. Today was neither victory nor defeat, but just another step up the mountain.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 10, 2017.

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