Kiss A Ginger

Meh, it’s alright I guess.

Apparently today is ‘Kiss a Ginger’ day. I mean, for me every day is kiss a ginger day, but today is the day somebody decided to make it A Thing. What a strange holiday. I realize that the intention is probably to offset the slightly more notorious Kick a Ginger day which is apparently sometime in November. While I’d probably hate it if somebody walked up to me and kicked me in the shins out of the blue, I’m not sure having a stranger wanting to lay on a smackeroo is much more appealing. But hey, it’s nice to feel special, right?

It’s funny that red hair should be such a big deal. I suppose it has the appeal of novelty and that it is probably less about the color itself and more about the layers and layers of cultural meaning that has been ascribed to the phenomenon over the span of human history. Everybody seems to expect something of you because you stand out- there must be a reason for it, right? No one can seem to agree whether this expectation should be good or bad or noble or foolish: whether it should deserve a kick or a kiss, but they just can’t ignore it. 

I’ve always been reasonably happy going through life as a redhead (although, like Anne of Green Gables,  I always wished my hair was black, I just never had the gumption to try dyeing it), but I’ve never really felt like it was worth all the fuss. Some places hold gatherings of redheads, which seems like a strange reason to get together. Hey! I see we both have the same hair color- let’s make a day of it. 

How strange.

I was realizing the other day that the length of my hair sometimes trumps the color. When people see me with my hair down the immediate reaction is always “Rapunzel!” not “Little Mermaid!” which I find interesting since Ariel’s hair outs clearly red and ‘mermaid hair’ is an actual term for long hair, at least in Urban Dictionary (and it is work safe-  it might be the only entry that is).  But I suppose even “Rapunzel!” is a better reaction than “Porphyria!” but then, who reads the romantic poets anymore besides English majors?  

Ahh well. Redheads, amiright?

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 12, 2017.

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