Well it was a whirlwind weekend and it’s late now so I’m going to keep it quick and not very profound.

Spent most of the day yesterday helping my sister, Bean, move house. Mostly this consisted of boxing up all the stuff in the kitchen at one end and then unboxing it again at the other. There was a lot of guesswork about where things should go so she’ll probably be playing hide and seek with cooking implements for a while until she has a chance to put everything where she wants it. I was just doing my best to get as many boxes cleared as possible so that she could have room for a kitchen table to work at while the rest of the unpacking happened. 

Part way through the day I checked my phone to discover a surprise text from my cousin and her daughter who happened to be in town and wondered if they could crash at our place overnight. They were on a cross country road trip “healing tour” of such places as the beaches of Pawley’s Island, Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Sedona, Arizona. Now they were preparing to make the trip back home and we were the turning point, so I cleared a spot in the studio and set them up on the futon mattress for the night. Talk about out of the blue. 

Sometime during the morning we were awoken by a lot intermittent beeping to discover that the power had gone out. It seemed to have affected quite a few neighborhoods although it was back on by the time we were actually ready to get up. So part of the day consisted of finding the things that had been affected by it. 

Once we saw the cousins off, I headed to Santa Monica for a casual brunch reunion with some gals from SCA. It was a good visit, and reassuring: everybody seemed to be finding their way, but it wasn’t coming easy for anyone. I’m sure that sounds like a schadenfreude thing to say: I truly do wish success on everybody, but I like to know that everybody is working for it just as hard as I am instead of just being lucky or well connected or both.

In the evening I sat in on a writer’s group that I’m hoping to join- it seems like a good bunch of people and some fun storytelling going on. I also appreciate their dedication to keeping time and staying on task: the efficiency makes it feel like a group of serious professionals instead of just a social gathering at which writing may or may not be a theme. Hopefully it will be worth sacrificing prime Game of Thrones watchin’ time each weekend for the sake of professional development. I have high hopes.

So it was a heckuva weekend. Now onto the regularly scheduled week.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 15, 2017.

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