Eyes and Ears

This my eyes see. My ears hear “I woke up today and wished for tomorrow”.

I finally reached my saturation point for social media and forced myself to log out. I don’t expect this to last- even now I find myself automatically tapping on the icon for Facebook in moments of boredom and inattention like the legitimate addict that I am, but at the moment I am checking myself with a login screen, forcing myself to make the deliberate decision to freebase outrage instead of just absorbing it habitually. 

In this age of digital society, I occasionally need to remind myself of the value of my own eyes and ears. I occasionally need to remind myself of my own resources and resourcefulness. Social media savvy, regrettably, is not one of them- at least not for me. My strength has never been in pithy quips and clickbait activism. My strengths are rather slow and dull in comparison: contingency planning, moderation, critical thinking and narrative reframing. In a world full of OMG!!!! I often feel out of place being the voice saying “wait a minute, what? Why?”. I have the questionable habit of analyzing the real world the way I might analyze a film: what is motivating the people around me? What are they trying to accomplish? What tactic are they using? Where does the story go if they are successful? And I find myself recognizing that narrative structure demands that things get worse before they get better- that no matter how disruptive the inciting incident is that the crisis must always be worse and that the climax is deeper and darker still and if I am the hero of my own story then I will have to go into that deepest darkest place and I will have to go alone and there’s no guarantee that I will come back: not every story is a comedy.

With reasoning like this, I might be forgiven for occasionally falling into fits of depression and extracting myself from social media. For as much as I value forethought, there are times when I need to remind myself to be present in the here and now. Here it is sunny. Now it is morning. In this moment and in this place I still have eyes to see and ears to hear and a voice to speak and the choice of what I see and hear and say. For now, I choose to take these eyes and ears out of the internet and into the real world.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 25, 2017.

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