On my way out the front door, one of the straps on my purse broke. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise: the leather where the strap hinged to the side of the bag had been fraying for some time now, but the timing was unfortunate. I elected to leave the house anyway. There didn’t seem to be much I could do about it with tyre time that I had: I was just going to have to make do with the one strap that remained. 

By the time that I made it to the connection for the express bus, it was already at the bus stop and I was on the far side of the street with no way to get across in time to catch it. It was looking like it was just going to be one of those days where things went wrong. I elected to take a different express bus which took a more circuitous route on surface streets instead of taking the direct route down the highway. I’m not sure that it got me there any faster, but at least it eliminated the amount of time spent waiting. 

After a start like this, I’m waiting for things to go wrong at every turn now. It feels like there’s at least one more thing waiting to go wrong. Was all this bad luck a sign of things to come? Or was I just getting all my bad luck out of the way early? Who knows. It’s probably nothing more than circumstance, but it sure feels like a message. 

I once again made the mistake of going on social media. It only took fifteen minutes for the distress to set back in before I logged out again. Gotta start breaking myself of this dependence: it’s doing me no favors. I’m trying to find other ways to occupy my mind instead. Last night I finally decided to download a stargazing app to learn to identify some of the stars that I’m able to see in the night sky. I’m always amazed at how different the sky looks here as compared to the skies I grew up with over Chicago. It’s much easier to see planets, but surprisingly hard to find the big dipper. Considering Los Angele’s reputation for smog, it is surprisingly clear at night for stargazing. 

I’m also interested to learn how to identify some of the plant life around here. When we first moved to California it seemed like every plant had been designed by Dr Seuss. I recognize a lot more plants, but couldn’t name them if my life depended on it so I downloaded a couple of plant identification apps to try to teach myself to recognize new species. So far I’ve learned Bougainvillea. What I really ought to do is make a trip to Huntington Gardens with a sketchbook and make an effort to seek out particular species to see them in real life in a setting where they are likely to be labeled by an expert. I’d go tomorrow, but I’m already scheduled to do a workshop on directing. Maybe the weekend after instead… It’s Super Bowl Sunday, so I won’t be attending a writer’s group, and if I did go it would be the second time that I’ve gone to Huntington Gardens on Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe I should make it a tradition. 

This is what happens when I log out of Facebook I guess.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 27, 2017.

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