Spirit Level

The bubble tells me so.

At first glance, it was impossible to tell what the object was. From a distance it appeared to be some kind of vial embedded in a cube of clear acrylic, luminous from within thanks to a neon yellow liquid. It might’ve been something out of a sci fi film. I poked it with the toe of my boot, turning it onto its side as I waited for the light at the crosswalk to change. I realized there was a bubble in the liquid and that the sides of the acrylic were marked off with two black lines which divided it neatly into thirds: a carpenter’s spirit level.

Considering the unlikelyhood of finding a spirit level at the crosswalk during a morning commute, and considering the context that I have lately been observing a certain unevenness in my mood, this discovery feels especially pointed. I might be forgiven for interpreting this as a message that I need to find some kind of balance for myself. Then again, it’s a directive that has already been on my mind; it is the implementation that is the difficult part. And I have literally just picked up a tool designed to help me find balance. If that’s not a message of some kind then I don’t know what is. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 30, 2017.

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