Running Errands

The very act of walking into the mall caused my heartrate to jump. I asked myself why, but I couldn’t come up with an answer: something about the smell of it. Something about the sounds. 

I plunged through a JC Penny on the faith that I would find a doorway into the main part of the mall, as if I were hiking through a giant wardrobe in the faith that Narnia was on the other side. Narnia, in this case, included a dancing fountain and a Potato Corner. The sound of the fountain was immediately soothing. I had the good fortune of finding the shop that I needed: I was getting my ring inspected. Usually, this is a task that involves twenty minutes of waiting, but today’s visit went surprisingly quickly- a relief since this is the only location for this jewelry store at our end of town. 

After the mall I went to the bank to close an old account. After the bank it was home to meet with the landlady. Then it was back out for more errands- we had our old refrigerator removed today freeing up a new wall of the kitchen. We decided that we would install a set of new cabinets to double our counter space and give us some new storage, so that necessitated a trip to the hardware store. First we checked out a Re-Store, which is like a thrift store for furniture and home decor, but we didn’t find any cabinets we liked. The Curmudgeonly Lion developed a brief but intense crush on a radial arm saw, but alas, remembered he was married: their love could never be. 

All this running around knocked quite a few major items off my to do list: the only other thing I really wanted to accomplish was to go for a run. It had been two weeks since I last made it out, and I was really feeling the inertia settling in. I put on my running clothes at the usual time to discover that the sun was still up. It stayed up for the whole run too, and was even light enough when I got back to let me play in the dirt for a while pulling weeds up from around the roses out front. The yard, which was once a dry wasteland is now full of greenery- mostly weeds, but at least they are lush weeds. Bit by bit we are working to figure out a plan for what we want to do with the yard, but even pulling weeds from four little beds made my back ache. I may not be aware of what I’m getting myself into, but the only way that I’ll know is to try. 

So it was a good and productive day. Tomorrow has a lot to live up to.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 4, 2017.

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