Birds and Weeds

I’ve started naming them. So far I have Captain Redhead, Dottie, and Tony Stark

Between rain showers, I spent all of Saturday pulling weeds. Since the entire backyard consists of nothing BUT weeds this was an all day activity and I barely made a dent although the compost heap got several feet taller and I can barely move now from all the bending and reaching. It turns out that pulling weeds satisfies the same little obsessive part of my mind that enjoys plucking hairs: once I get started I could do it all day only to regret it for days afterwards. 

It also turns out that gardening may be good exertion, but won’t help you lose weight, considering that I put on a full pound between yesterday and today even after running twice and a full day of gardening. 

We refilled and rehung the hummingbird feeder on Saturday. By sunset today they had drunk it dry again, sometimes coming in a swarm of eight or ten to drink two at a time from each nozzle. After going for my run I stood out under the eaves by the backdoor to see how close they would let me get. One of them hovered about six inches from my left ear, just outside my peripheral vision, buzzing like an enormous beetle while I suppressed the urge to flinch each time one darted forward. I have this vision of trying to get one to land on my hand, but honestly my own reflex to flinch when loudly buzzing objects come flying towards my face at high velocity tipped with an inch long beak is likely to prevent me from ever being a still enough target for any of the birds to land. 

Aside from weed pulling and bird luring, we had a family friend come over for lunch for a visit today, which was great fun. And it gave me the excuse and motivation to tidy up the house. Later in the evening I went to my writers’ group for some notes on a script that I’ve written, once again venturing out into a dark and rainy night in pursuit of my art. Tomorrow it will be back to the business of payroll, although as a holiday I’m at least looking forward to a light commute. It’s the little things in life.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 19, 2017.

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