The weather got cold overnight and in the morning there was frost on the ground and I could see my breath. At least, for the moment, it isn’t raining. Yesterday the winds blew the skies clear and it was possible to see all the way to the horizon where the ocean meets the sky from the windows of the office. 

There hasn’t been much time for enjoying the view lately- at least not at work where the workload has been kept manageable by keeping on task. And inn true form, now that I have to keep my mind focused on a particular task with a particular deadline, my creative impulse has kicked into high gear on a new project and it’s all I want to think about. I sometimes wonder if inspiration isn’t a predatory creature that lies in wait until the conscious mind is distracted to pounce. Or that the muses are a kind of parasite that must bite and feed and which will take all our energy and focus while injecting some kind of pleasurable venom that prevents us from shaking them off. You hear that, Euterpe? I’m onto you. 

And yet, I still can’t help but enjoy the thrill of being bitten by a new idea. It’s like falling in love: suddenly life takes on a new kind of focus, even as your mind keeps wandering back to daydreams of the thing. If I worried about being complacent in my routine, I now feel the cure coming on. If I struggled with day to day tasks like making the bed, I now find these tasks… well, it’s still difficult to get them done, but now it’s because I want to spend every free minute focusing on this new idea while the thrill lasts instead of managing quotidian details. 

All this to say, if I’ve been lax in posting it’s because I’ve been using a lot of my free time to write down as many of these fleeting ideas as I can before the thrill wears off, so posts have gotten knocked down the priority list for a little while. I’m sure I’ll resume my daily posting again soon.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 24, 2017.

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